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  • $10,000 annual maximum
  • $200 deductible
  • 80% per visit is covered (up to 90%)
  • Perscription Drug Coverage
  • Optional wellness and dental plans
  • THE BEST customer service!
  • Discounts for multiple pets, spayed pets, paying annually, and test for pre existing conditions (5% each)

Embrace is the champagne of pet insurance plans! They let you customize every step of the way and tailor a policy that fits your pet and pocketbook perfectly.

They provide the most features and you can choose policies with every option for up to $162/mo all the way down to bare bones policies for $9.60/mo.

They offer an unrestricted wellness plan in which you pay $150 for $200 worth of service or $300 for $400 worth of service. This is a great way to keep your pet well cared for without needing to consider the price.

Embrace has the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. If you want the most options with the least amount of hassle, there is no better company.

Outstanding Value!

Pet's Best

  • $7,000 per-incident cap
  • $100,000 lifetime limit
  • $250 deductible
  • 80% per visit is covered
  • Use any veterinarian
  • Optional wellness plan (includes dental)
  • No age restrictions
  • 5 day reimbursement
  • Discounts for multiple pets and paying annually

Pet's Best is the perfect pet insurance for people who don't want to take out a second mortgage to cover their pet's policy. For the price, you get a ton of value!

Their policies run from about $55/mo for the high end coverage all the way down to a very affordable $11. Trust us, for $11, you get a huge bang for your buck!

Their wellness plan is even an outstanding value. You pay about $264 for $480 worth of service and that includes dental. They do have caps on how much they will pay for each service, but the caps are pretty close to what those services cost anyway.

Unfortunately, they only provide accident only insurance for pets with pre-existing conditions, but if you have a healthy dog or cat, they are the perfect insurance company.

NO Restrictions!

Pet Assure

  • A flat 25% off of your vet bill
  • Deep discounts with their merchant network
  • Lost Pet Recovery service with 24/7 monitoring
  • No annual limit

Pet Assure is not neccesarily pet insurance, but they are awesome! It's like having AAA for your dog! Essentially, you go the the vet, show them your card and they knock 25% off the bill. You can do this over and over again and always save a flat 25%.

This is perfect for old pets or pets with pre-existing conditions that most insurers are going to make you pay a lot more for. Plus, you will never need to bother with paperwork and worry about your claim being denied. You will always get your discount no matter what.

If some of the pet insurance prices are making you wince, you absolutely need to get Pet Assure so your little friend has at least some kind of protection.

The very best part of this is that you can use this card with your pet insurance to save even more money! Forget about the expensive "wellness plans." This costs half as much and you get tons more benefits.

What to look for in veterinary insurance

When you are looking for pet insurnace reviews, there are several things to keep in mind, the main one being budget.

All of the pet insurance reviews we've done, the one's we like the most actually have some of the best prices and can actually be considered low cost pet insurance.

Obviously, you can find better deals on pet insurance, but you'll miss out on all of the great features we've uncovered in our top three cat and dog insurance providers.

Too many to choose from

By now, you've probably seen hundreds of websites with thousands of insurance for pets companies. We will be the first to tell you that not all of them are equal.

You only have to get stuck with an $1800 vet bill once to realize that saving a few bucks on the cheapest pet insurance provider will eventually catch up to you. This is why we have narrowed your choices down to our three favorite low cost pet insurers. These three have been chosen specifically for their customer service and response time.

Trust us when we say that you can go with one of the cheapest pet insurance guys, but when you're at the vet wondering how you are going to pay after your sick feline has had a siezure, you will be incredibly grateful you chose one of our three favorites!

The Best Dog Insurance and Cat Insurance!

What happens when Fido or Fifi get sick? Sometimes the cost of a veterinarian will bring you to that decision that no one wants to make: will you pay a huge vet bill or will you have to put your pet down?

Your pet is your family and you should never have to choose between losing your awesome pet that you love so deeply or a crippling vet bill that will put you in debt for years to come.

With pet insurance, you never have to choose. The only answer can be "Save my kitty!" or "Save my dog!"

You have insurance for your car. You have insurance for your house. You might even have health insurance for your kids. Why wouldn't you have pet health insurance also?

Our Criteria

Our top three Pet Insurance providers are all chosen for what they have to offer, but these are what they all have in common:

  • Friendly help with any problems
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Fast reaction time
  • Easy to reach

Sure, these might not be the cheapest pet insurance providers. But the $20 a year you save when you go with the cheapest insurer might cause you hundreds of dollars worth of headaches in the long run when you idscover that their plans don't actually cover what's keeping your dog or cat in pain!

Between all of us here at Cat and Dog Insurance, we have about 10 pets, two of whom have medical conditions that require frequent visits to the vet. There is no way we can keep all of our little buddies healthy and happy without the reassurance of good pet insurance. We've tried just about all of them and we are proud to bring you the best pet health insurance companies available today!

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